Nidec Mentor MP / Control Techniques Mentor ii


  • Models available for two or four quadrant (regenerative) operation 
  • 25A to 7400A, 24V - 480V / 500V - 575V / 500V - 690V 
  • Optional high-brightness LED or multi-language LCD keypad, simple configuration using plain text 
  • Modular parallel connection for higher power motor operation 
  • 12/24 pulse operation to minimize harmonics 
  • IP20 (NEMA 1) protection for size 1, IP10 (open chassis) for size 2A and 2B, and IP00 (open chassis) for size 2C and 2D for easy, low cost installation 
  • Integrated drive and motor protection for:
    • Over current
    • Over temperature
    • Phase loss
    • SCR/Thyristor junction temperature
    • Feedback loss
    • Field loss
    • Armature open circuit
  • Internal field controller with intelligent field weakening means that for 90% of applications no additional external controller is required
    • Frame size 1 to 8A
    • Frame size 2 to 20A
    • Flux control for enhanced open loop performance
  • Optional FXMP25 external field controller for current fields up to 25A
    • Digital link for field control from Mentor MP or Mentor II
    • Standalone digital control mode for simple application
    • Flux control for enhanced open loop performance
    • Intelligent field weakening
    • Field forcing – for high dynamic machine reversal
    • Field reversal – low dynamic machine reversing using two quadrant main stack 
  • Mentor MP has a field control mode for fields requiring greater than 25A 
  • Serial port for Modbus RTU and PC communications 
  • 3 Universal option module slots, allowing Mentor 
    MP to benefit from the solutions developed for Control Techniques market leading AC drive technology. 
    Each option slot allows:
    • High performance PLC and motion control
    • Ethernet and Fieldbus communications
    • Connectivity to additional feedback devices
    • Additional I/O
  • Galvanically isolated control 
  • Smartcard for drive parameter back-up and copying, allowing rapid installation and maintenance 
  • Integrated PLC as standard 
  • Standard software features for easy integration
    • PID controller
    • Motorized potentiometer
    • Digital lock (Slave operation from master encoder)
  • Open loop control using estimated speed advanced processing based on armature voltage and field flux feedback 
  • Closed loop control using
    • Tacho-generator feedback for connection to traditional DC motor
    • Incremental encoder feedback for higher accuracy and position control
    • Optional SinCos, SSI, Hiperface and EnDAT connectivity for high performance applications
  • High performance control strategy
    • 32 bit microprocessor
    • 35μs current sampling time
    • Speed controller and ramps update 250μs
    • Autotune features for armature, field current loops and speed loop

Current ratings

The power ratings for the 480V, 575V and 690V configurations are shown below.
The continuous current ratings given are for a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) and an altitude of 1000m (3,300ft). For operation at higher temperatures and altitudes de-rating is required. Overload of 150% for 30s is available with ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) up to a maximum of 10 repetitions per hour.